Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I pass through Boston on U. S. 84 all the time; I don’t see much. Where are the shops?

    The businesses and homes you see along U. S. 84 are an important part of our community; however, there is much more!  Two blocks south of US 84 is the heart of the town; turn south on Green Street (at caution light and big sign) and then go west on Jefferson Street or turn south on Main Street or Stone Street.  Here you will find restaurants, retail shopping,  services such as city hall, 24/7 police department, beauty saloon, alterations, etc.

  1. What is that huge, new building north of 84 on the west side of town?

    AgPro is headquartered in this facility; AgPro owns one of the largest networks of John Deere dealerships in the world!

  1. I see Dillon Candy Company facility; do they have a retail shop?

    Yes, you can stop at the plant and visit their attractive retail shop to take home their delectable goodies; Murphy’s Grocery in downtown Boston also sells their products.

  1. Where can I eat in Boston?

    You can eat 7 days a week in Boston!  There are three restaurants with varying hours (Buzzery, LutieBell’s, Main Street Café); you can get lunch everyday including Sunday.  Breakfast nor supper/dinner are available on Sunday.  Two convenience stores and Murphy’s Grocery also offer food prepared on location.

  1. When was Boston founded?

    Boston was chartered in 1837; see the History of Boston page for more details.

  1. Do you have a marathon?

    No, but we host a “mini-marathon”, a 13.1 wheel-measured course.  See the events page and look for “Boston Mini-Marathon and Festival” for more information.

  1. Is it true that Boston has a Carnegie Library?

    Yes, a Carnegie Library was funded and opened in 1914 in Boston as a result of the efforts of a group of women dedicated to the idea of getting a library in Boston.  The library is said to be one of only a few such libraries still in existence in the US; Boston is the smallest town in GA and possibly the entire USA to have a continually operating library.  It is now part of Thomas County Library System.